I am both a Yogi where I bend and shape my own body, teaching others to do the same and a metal worker where I bend and shape metal.

It started 30 years ago, when I practiced yoga and taught yoga as part of patients’ rehabilitation at a specialist clinic for professional sportsmen and dancers. In my work as a massage therapist I combined yoga and movement patterns learnt from my previous background in martial arts. Whatever their injury and level of fitness, this combined approach enabled them to quickly rehabilitate and enjoy their previous activities.

It has become very clear to me that the patterns of movement you desire are achievable when you dedicate time and energy. The ‘practice’ of yoga is to accept adaptation and your commitment will be rewarded in seemingly effortless movement and control over your body.

When it looks effortless it most probably took a lot of time, energy and a disciplined mind to make it appear that way. Yoga postures are no exception.

For a large part of my life I have attempted to shape my body into yoga and movement patterns from martial arts – they don’t always fit!

After lots of pain, frustration and injuries, past and present, I now realise that we are all so uniquely built with a variety of bodies that it is best to bring ‘my body’ to the movement pattern or pose and not somebody else’s.

I now enjoy my practice and hope that the next time you practise with your body you can smile and embrace your uniqueness in the posture and not your limitations.