Having experienced over the years how difficult it is to shape my body into yoga postures I thought it would be fun and perhaps easier to shape steel rods into these poses.

My stick men need lots of passionate devotion and many failed attempts to be moulded into a recognisable yoga posture. I do enjoy it tremendously, however it is far from easy.

Metal, fire, sparks, machines and humans are all influenced by our environment, whether that is our internal or external environment. So many different ways to shape and mould, force and release, heat and cool down. It is no wonder the result is never the same, whether it is a metal sculpture or the body in the pose.

So many comparisons, both in sculpting myself into a posture or welding one together. Shaping bodies into poses or metal rods into them, they both won’t go with force and when they are forced it shows.

When I am tired I stop and the next day the sculpture takes easier shape, just like me.

When I don’t feel like making one I stay away from my studio until I am inspired again.